Lewers is an experienced, forward-thinking research company dedicated to providing our clients with the insights they need to make the right decisions for their business. At Lewers, we don’t work for you, we work with you. In the true spirit of partnership, we collaborate to work towards shared goals.


We are creative at our core and innovation is in our DNA. Our focus is global as we seek out and engage leading-edge technology solutions that allow us to analyse and predict results with an exceptional level of depth and accuracy. We find the thrill of discovery addictive.


PurplePatch is our own consumer consulting board of over 5,000 engaged participants and the centre of our fast response capabilities.  It was created from our clients’ needs for faster quality answers and our desire to have our own hothouse environment to test new approaches.


The purpose of research is not just to deliver numbers, but to provide real insight. We craft meaning from data and provide concrete solutions that address business objectives. We arm our clients with genuine, relevant and outcome-focused insights based on robust, intelligent analysis and critical thinking.


At Lewers, we deliver – because we love what we do.





Our ability and willingness to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our clients means that our work is always relevant and ahead of the curve. You can trust us to provide expert advice and support to create an advantage for your business.

‘Lisa and the whole Lewers team operate as an extension of our customer insights team. The quality of the work Lewers deliver to us is outstanding but the real difference we get from working with Lewers is this insight is delivered to us in a true partnership approach. Lisa and the team deliver the hard news, when it’s needed, in the spirit of respect and mutual accountability for having great work in market which supports our business aspirations.   The Lewers team have developed outstanding working relationships not just with the research team but with our Marketers and agencies as well. Our senior marketing team regularly pick up the phone and call Lisa and her team to discuss how the brand is performing in market, what she is seeing in relation to a changing competitive context and to generally discuss current and potential campaigns.   The Lewers team are also on the front foot with regards to innovation in the tracking space – through trialling creative ways of delivering insights to looking at evolving the way we collect data and integrate insights from social media and qualitative research alongside traditional quantitative forms of tracking.   Lisa and her team have truly developed into a trusted advisor for our marketing team – well beyond a research house providing tracking.’   LIZ MOORE | TELSTRA Former Director of Research, Insights & Analytics

‘The brand and campaign tracking has been invaluable to our planning process. The new methodology means that we have a significantly improved view of where we need to focus our spend by customer segment, region and product. It has closed the loop on reporting in a way that has contributed to our forward planning but also allows us to be more responsive while campaigns are in the market.’


OMD Business Director

‘It is a great pleasure to work with a research partner as collaborative and strategic as Lewers Research. With a deep understanding of our business and enthusiasm to partner with us on uncovering insights to inform marketing opportunities, Lewers add enormous value to our business. Over the past two years, Lewers have worked closely alongside the Telstra marketing and insights teams to develop a range of agile and innovative research solutions. This partnership has provided us with tangible insights that have helped shape our brand and track our marketing communications.  My team and I particularly enjoy the passion and dedication with which Lisa Lewers and her team approach each business question we throw their way. The candid face to face insights have added enormous value in partnering with Lewers, and have built a level of working confidence and trust that has made Lewers a genuine pleasure to work with.’


NATALIE DEAN |  TELSTRA General Manager, Brands Marketing



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  • Katie Altmann
    Executive Director

  • Joel Vermaas
    Executive Director

    Head of Qual

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    Head of Innovation



STAY RELEVANT. That’s the catchcry that reverberates through the corridors and offices of Lewers Research and the hearts and minds of our people. We innovate to impact, we innovate for our clients, we innovate for ourselves and we won’t stop. Innovation is in our DNA and we are comfortable with pushing ourselves to the level of discomfort to stay relevant. Our owner and CEO, Lisa Lewers, has a knack for questioning everything, never being satisfied with ‘good enough’, leading to a thirst for innovation. A key focus at Lewers is to create or adopt new research tools and techniques that allow us to stay relevant in an ever-changing business landscape. They do this by researching and testing existing techniques, investing time and money on Research & Development of new IP, attending (and presenting at) conferences around the world to keep their finger on the pulse as well as build provider networks and partner with clients to beta test, implement, socialise and embed new techniques into client businesses. We are technique and tool agnostic, and will always consider what approach will be in our clients’ best interest. When it works, it works, and over the last three years we have embedded the following ‘go-tos’ into our research offering:

  • PurplePatch Online Community: Our own online community of 6,000 members. Used for paid, client research to user-testing of new research tools and techniques.
  • Emotional Text Analytics (via HEARTBEAT AI): Codes any unstructured text into 10 primary emotions. Established in brand, advertising and customer experience research.
  • Passive Advertising Measurement (via Beatgrid Media): Accurately measures advertising exposure (reach and frequency) by monitoring ambient sound against a database of audio fingerprints.
  • Biometrics (via CrowdEmotion): Facial coding to detect emotion when presented with a stimulus, typically advertising. Eye tracking to measure direction and intensity of attention to stimulus, typically advertising.
  • Mindsight Direct (via Isobar): Implicit technique to understand consumer decision making through a framework of emotionally-based motivations.

At Lewers, we don’t just think outside the sandpit, we build a bigger playground.  


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