At Lewers, innovation is in our DNA. Our focus is global as we seek out leading edge technology solutions that allow us to analyse and predict results at an unprecedented level. We are working with exciting new tools that allow us to provide insights from data that until now have not been possible to gather.


Purple Patch is Lewers’ own consumer consulting board of over 5000 engaged participants. They are an active group who receive constant stimuli and incentives to provide feedback on a wide-range of products, services, and point of view questions. PurplePatch was created from our clients’ need for faster, quality answers and our desire to have our own hothouse environment to test new approaches.

PurplePatch is tended inhouse by dedicated members of the Lewers team and is the centre of our fast response capabilities.


Lewers has partnered with BeatGrid Media to provide single-source, cross-platform ad exposure measurement. BeatGrid has spent years in R&D to optimise its audio fingerprint and content matching app which provides fast and accurate measurement with almost no impact to the user’s battery or data.

We utilise this technology to arm our clients with robust, reliable insight to clearly understand media efficiency and campaign effectiveness at a granular level.

For more information on the Media Rewards app, please visit the website:


As an Angel Funding partner of Heartbeat AI, this is a project about which, our founder Lisa Lewers, feels very strongly. Heartbeat allows us to better understand and measure human emotion.

Heartbeat is an award-winning approach that works with any form of text data including survey responses, social media feeds and CRM data to measure 10 primary and 100 secondary emotions. We routinely use Heartbeat in our work to more deeply understand our clients, brands, advertising, products or any other focus of interest.

For more information on Heartbeat, please visit the website: